Week4-Every minute of my day scheduled!

Wow, what a week…in the process of making the first part of my DMP reality!! I am moving to Cayman Islands, and couldn’t be more thrilled!! The workload with MKMMA has definitely increased each week, and as some of it is becoming habit, I am still struggling to fit it all into my days, and week.

This part of the Master Key teaches us why….what we think, do, & feel are an indication of what we are! I love this!! And it’s a great reminder, to keep our thoughts and actions positive.  I CAN BE WHAT I WILL TO BE!  I am really starting to notice a difference in my thoughts, and when I find that “old blueprint” trying to fight back, it can recognize it.  I especially find when my mind drifts, or perhaps I am thinking negative about a situation or person, I catch my myself, and immediately say to myself, “I know that a negative attitude towards others can never bring me success”.  So, it’s working!!!! All this reading and re-conditioning is working!!! So much love and gratitude, for this opportunity, and it truly feels so rewarding to have dedication pay off.  I have also noticed the positive responses and feedback I have been getting from friends, family, and well complete strangers.  I always thought I was a super positive person before, but this program really takes it to a whole new level.  I am embracing it!!!!


Week 3-Soul Searching

So many emotions this week.  I have been so eager to get the reviews back from my guide about my DMP, aka Dharma or Definite Major Purpose, and instantly felt disappointed in myself when I read the feedback, because my “old blueprint” was very quick to see the negative, or what needed changing, rather than the positive feedback. It has taken me 4 days before I was ready to re-read the review, with an open positive mind this time, and I am ready to dig a little deeper! Who knew that putting on paper what I wanted out of life was going to be so challenging?!

The changes we have incorporated this week, into changing our language into present tense rather than past tense, and using positive verbiage has really made me more aware of my thinking and choosing my words more carefully. We must be very literal when giving “subby” direction.  I have really enjoyed the Master Key readings this week, it actually made sense to me!! The funny thing is, the simplicity of it all….What determines the experiences with which we meet in life? Our predominant mental attitude.

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Week 2 I Got This

This weekend I was out of town, and really had to challenge myself to stick to my routine and readings.  It’s far easier when you are in the comfort of your own home, and have a scheduled day, so you know when you have time to sit still and read uninterrupted for a half an hour.  I did it though! I had to listen to our webinar while I was driving, and re-watch it once back home to do the activities, but I made it work.  One motto that I have lived by for quite some time helps….”IF IT’S IMPORTANT TO YOU, YOU WILL FIND A WAY, IF NOT YOU WILL FIND AN EXCUSE.”   This is so very true.  I am really intrigued by all the new information we got this week, especially The Seven Laws of The Mind.    Image result for the seven laws of the mindThis is not going to be easy….But it will be worth it!

1st Week in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance

The first steps to learning life transforming habits….Did I know what I was getting myself into?  Not really.  All I knew for sure, is it it would be a good thing! So here it goes….

First day of the welcome webinar, and I was terrified. Why?  Nobody could see me, and I was doing this for myself….I get it now! It’s getting out of your comfort zone, doing something unknown, I was experiencing fear of failure.  I want more out of life, more out of myself, but honestly I don’t know how to do this on my own.  I have attempted making a better life for myself, and feels like I only get so far, like I only allow myself a certain amount of success.  I know now it’s time to replace my old way of thinking, because that old way of thinking and my “blueprint” that was from all the unhappy, unsuccessful teachers and influences in my life.

I have found so far, following the Master Key program, it’s not going to be easy, it’s going to take a high level of strictness from myself, and be emotionally and mentally draining. Change is never easy.  I am a very disciplined, routine, and goal orientated person, so working the daily readings into my day was not complicated.  It’s believing in myself and the words that I am reading, that will be the challenge.  I am so eager to see and feel the change within myself, and replace the old negative thoughts I have held onto for so long, with new healthy positive ones.  The journey has begun.

Learning to Let Go

I have come to know myself a lot better in the last 5 years, I have been doing some soul searching and self discovery.  Not all of it pleasant, but I have discovered, nothing is permanent.  I have the power to change, and it all begins with how we think.